An Introduction to the Fur Babies!

I’m back after a brief hiatus, and I wanted to mention a few things before I go into the cuteness that is the fur babies.  So its been over a month that I have been trying to lose weight and I am proud to say that I am down 9.6 lbs.  I have been better with going to the gym. I have been doing Zumba on Friday evenings after work and on another day during the week I have been running. I still need to get another day in there of probably running but for the most part I have been doing pretty good.

I want to introduce you to the oldest of my fur babies.

Here is Angus. 




3 years ago Angus was found in a snow bank and we adopted him. Being that he was a stray he really enjoys scraps so we really have to watch what we leave out or even what is on the counters. Once I was cooking some bacon and had to take the Lola out for a pee break and when I had come back in he had stolen a few pieces and I spent the next five minutes chasing him around the house trying to get it back. The little bugger ate it. We love him though and even though he can drive me mental sometimes I couldn’t imagine life without him. 


Here is Lola, She will be 2 in June and not a day goes by that she doesn’t make us laugh. She is seriously the funniest dog that I have ever had. She has so many quarks like how she will take a toy and hide it under a pile of clothes just so you can’t find it.  Or how she would rather sleep on Aaron’s head instead of her bed.

She also chases the Wii remote and loves to watch Law and Order. Im serious, she will make these grumbling noises until you put it on TV. I have always loved the movie Wizard of Oz and wanted to have a Toto dog of my own. So when the chance came up for me to get my own Cairn Terrier I jumped at it.  Sometimes I think instead of a dog I got a belt or blanket because she is constantly sleeping not only on your lap but your shoulder or any where else she can make her self comfortable. Apparently this is a trait of this breed, but I wouldn’t trade her for any other dog. 



This probably isn’t the most inventive post but I just wanted to introduce my fur babies to you, so now you know who I spend most of my time with. One day I will do a post on Aaron but until then.


My First Book Review: The Mortal Instruments; City of Bones

One of my goals this year was to read a number of books and even though I have gotten a bit of a slow start, I have finished the first book of the year!

So let me start by saying that there are a number of reviews on this book. some good and some bad. The author is Cassandra Clare, and City of Bones was her first novel.  If you want to learn some more about her you can click here.

So from the other reviews I have read people really like the book or they really dislike it.  I fall on the ‘liked it’ side of things.  Now before some of you ‘ didn’t like it’ readers jump on me, take into consideration that this is a Young Adult Novel.  I enjoy young adult novels because they are meant for young adult readers. Nothing too substantial, something that is meant to be fun. Now don’t get me wrong I do enjoy a classic novel now and then, but I read the young adult ones because they aren’t as heavy.  That being said I liked the book. There were some parallels to other works that you can clearly see.  Like the Harry Potter themes throughout the book. ( I am personally a fan of Harry Potter) The biggest one is the Luke/Leia  Star Wars parallel.   With that being said even with the close parallels I still enjoyed it for what it was worth.  I don’t know if I enjoyed it more because I saw the movie before reading the book ( something I really hate to do), but we will see as I move on to the next book of the series. The movie hasn’t been released yet, so I won’t have any preconceived notions before reading it. I also wanted to not that there are some inconsistencies in the editing like the point of view and a few spelling errors. However it isn’t something that makes it unreadable . With all of these things out in the open I can still say that I enjoyed the novel. I like the banter between Jace and Clary, and I enjoy how naive Clary is with Simon’s love for her at the beginning.  I really like the relationship between Isabel and Clary. If you aren’t too concerned with novels that parallel aspects of other works of literature then I would highly recommend that you read The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.