BUMPdate 20 Weeks.

It’s been a while again but I’m here and I have some pictures and some updates about the past few weeks.


My belly is getting so much bigger, it is pretty neat to look back at all of the photos and see how the twins have grown.

At the 18 week mark we got to find out the genders of the twins. It was the most nerve racking exam. A singleton pregnancy scan usually lasts about half an hour but the thing with twins is there are two of them. This means they have to find and photograph two of everything.  Then at the end they finally tell you what the sexes are.

Our reveal was so much fun. Aaron shot at this stuff called Tennerite that was mixed with the colour chalk of the sexes. We went out to my BFF’s camp and he got to shoot off a few rounds! The picture above shows what everyone thought we were having… most people ( including both myself and Aaron were wrong)


I love knowing what the heart rates are. It is like some weird obsession I have this time around.

Name Reveal

We have great names picked out and I am so excited to share them with you.

Twin A: Rory Ania Raija Thompson.

Twin B: Scarlett Arija Zoja Thompson

Now for the fun part!

How far along: 20 weeks
Gender: Twin Girls
Weight gain: I haven’t hit the 12 lb mark yet so fingers crossed it doesn’t get out of hand.
Maternity clothes: I can still fit in my regular maternity clothes, I haven’t had to buy anything new yet.
Stretch marks: I don’t think I have any. My belly did pop over the past few weeks.
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Sleep… who needs sleep.. ( me please) I flip flop all night long and once I’m awake it takes forever to fall back asleep.<— THIS HASN’T CHANGED
Best moment this week: I went back for the remainder of the anatomy and the girls cooperated enough to get everything they need. Scarlett had herself curled up into a tiny little ball SO CUTE!
Worst moment this week: After my appointment with my doctor it is looking like I may need to have a c-section. I know it isn’t the end of the world but I was hoping to give birth naturally.
Miss anything: Chocolate, cake, bread everything that is delicious. The gestational diabetes is starting to get to me. There are so many things I wish I could have but in order to keep the girls healthy I have to forego them and do my insulin before meals and at bed time.
Movement: I’m feeling some blips here and there nothing regular but hopefully soon!
Cravings: Pizza, caramel apples, watermelon,
Queasy or sick: Gone!
Looking forward to: My vacation from work before I go on leave. It has become so uncomfortable to sit there all day that it is harder and harder to not call in sick.