36 Week BUMPdate

Well the time is getting closer, pretty soon I’ll have some twincesses to hold in my arms and I just can’t wait. I have been going for NST ( non stress tests) weekly but they have now been bumped up to pretty much every day this week.  I went in on Monday for my regular stress test and I was there for over two hours.  Rory has taken it upon herself to be a little rebel. Not only has she not flipped to the head down position but she spent the first 10 minuted avaiding the machines that I was hooked up to, and then refused to stay still long enough to get a good reading.  I went back today and they were both cooperative however Scarlett is transverse and Rory is still breech… there go my plans of having a somewhat natural birth.  There they go, right out the window and are running faster than I can catch them.

Anyways, because I will be delivering early I got my first steroid shot. I go back tomorrow and get a second one after 24 hours. The nurse today who gave my my second NST was amazing. She offered me a strip from the test for my baby book.  I wish I would have had this for Mackenzie, but it wasn’t something that even crossed my mind of something to ask for.


It may be a little hard to read because its sideways and everything. However the darker line is twin A ( Rory) and the lighter line is B ( Scarlett). I am so excited that I have this little keepsake. Again I am not going to answer all of the questions, I’ll go over them all next week in my post.  I will post the picture.


My maternity clothes are at the point that very few things even fit me. That could be because of their combined weight. My heartburn is outrageous and right now because of the steroid shots I am going to have to really monitor my sugars. One of the side effects of steroid shots to help with lung development is the inability to properly regulate insulin.  So everything I eat has to strictly follow the eating guide that is associated with gestational diabetes.  It is crazy to think that by this time next week I’ll be just hours away from meeting my girls!


35 Week BUMPdate

So I’m nearing the end of this pregnancy and I really want the girls to make their appearance in the healthiest possible way. HOWEVER I just got some news that I am having trouble digesting. Twin A and Twin B have both flipped. This means that A is now breech and B is head down. This wouldn’t be a problem if A wasn’t still the presenting twin. For those of you who don’t know what some of these terms are breech means that baby is feet down, and presenting is the baby that is lower down and will be the first one born.

So what does all of this mean?   As of right now I’m scheduled to have a c- section.  This is something that I have been trying to avoid throughout my whole pregnancy. At first we thought that I may have to have one because of where baby A’s placenta placement was.  When you are having twins ( not positive if this relates to singletons or not) your placenta has to be a certain distance from the cervix to be able to give birth naturally.  The magic number is 2cm and many internal ultrasounds and hoping and wishing and pretty much putting myself on couch rest I hit that number.  I was super excited. Everything was looking good for a natural delivery, A had been head down the whole time and my Dr let me know that they can turn B if she stayed breech so I was set.   Little did I know that the 2 weeks between ultrasounds gave the girls some time to start being defiant.  I went in on the 9th for my placement ultrasound and the little buggers flipped.  and A has decided that she still wants to be number 1 so her feet are wedged in between B’s head and my cervix.

Needless to say I’m freaking out.  Just thinking about it and the recovery time is giving me panic attacks.  I find myself starting to cry just thinking about it.  Don’t get me wrong having healthy babies is the ultimate goal, and I’m not looking for the natural drug free birthing experience ( I’m all about that epidural) I just hate the thought of major surgery, not being able to hold my babies until how long after they’re born. Not having the time to recover the way I want to and having to rely on family for help.  I know that they are more than willing to help out for the first how long, but I want to be able to bond with my babies and I hate asking for help. I would rather just do it all on my own.

Now that I’ve been a horrible downer I will appease you with a picture.


Funny story, My belly is getting noticeable huge. When I went for my appointment with my doctor she grabbed the tape measure and promptly put it back down saying ” hold on I need to go get a bigger one”. I knew my stomach was getting pretty big but I didn’t realize it was need a bigger tape measure big.  It is seriously at the point that driving is uncomfortable.

Yeah that’s my belly rubbing against the steering wheel. I literally can not move my seat back any further.

I’m not going to do all of the questions because they are the exact same answers as last week with the exception of my weight. I have officially gained  29 lbs.  Not too shabby if I do say so myself.


I love it so much I could eat it with a spoon!

Does anyone else love Pico de Gallo as much as I do?  Seriously I could eat it with a spoon.  It is one of those versatile foods… condiments?  that goes with almost anything.  Breakfast, you can put it on eggs, with avocado on toast, in an omelette.  You can eat it with chips, on chicken, in quesadillas and tacos, in a salad, on potatoes, poutine topping or on rice. The possibilities are truly endless.

On to the recipe!



6 Tomatoes

1 White Onion

1-2 Jalapenos

1 Lime

1/2 Bunch of Cilantro

1/2 tsp salt



















After you chop all of the ingredients in smaller than bite size pieces, juice the lime and add the salt then mix thoroughly.  Let sit in the fridge for a few hours before you use and use within a few days.

Do you love Pico de Gallo as much as I do? leave a comment below with your favourite way to enjoy it … even if it is just with a spoon.

34 Week BUMPdate

Well hello there, I can honestly say that I’m getting more consistent at uploading these posts.  Hopefully once the girls are here I will be able to keep up the momentum. I do have a few Ideas for more recipe posts because they have definitely been lacking around here lately.

At this point I am beyond ready to welcome the girls. I’m just so uncomfortable and anxious.  I actually just started to swell this week. I know that sounds like a major win but being pregnant with twins it makes me worry about preeclampsia . Having the gestational Diabetes to worry about is enough, and with being at the end of my pregnancy, and Mackenzie’s birthday just passing not long ago my mind is in overdrive.   Ever since I found out I was having twins I thought they were going to come on or around the 16th of September. I will be 35 weeks pregnant at that point and it is normal for twins to make their appearance during that time. However I just got some news about some things happening on that day (that I will discuss later on if they work out).  So I hope that they make their appearance a little later than that.  Maybe the afternoon or the day after.


How far along: 34 weeks!

Total weight gain: gained 25 lbs total

Maternity clothes: Some of my maternity clothes are getting small

Stretch marks:My stomach is like one big one

Sleep: What is that?

Best moment of this week: Aaron came with me to my NST ( non stress test) it was the first time that he was able to hear the girls heartbeats.

Miss anything: not having to check my sugars and take insulin before every meal.

Movement:My bladder doubles as a punching bag some days.

Food cravings: It is Pumpkin Spice season and I can’t have one…

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not sick but hardcore heartburn.

Labor signs: Nothing really yet, I am watching really closely for some kind of sign though.

Belly button in or out: Still in!

Wedding rings on or off: I haven’t been wearing them because I lost all that weight but I should check if they fit yet..

Happy or moody most of the time: I am still a little moody.

Looking forward to: Meeting my girls.


Something amazing is happening in Ontario!

I’m not sure if you know about it or not but in Finland there is this thing that happens when mothers have babies. The government will send out a box filled with information, diapers, clothes etc.  Well because I have duel citizenship with Finland I tried to get my hands on one of these boxes when I was having Mackenzie but alas because I don’t live in Finland I was not eligible.

A few months ago I happened across a group on Facebook that was going to be starting to follow in the footsteps of Finland and provide free baby boxes to Ontario residents having babies August 1st or later in 2016.  This company Baby Box Co is working with parents to try to reduce infant death by promoting safe sleep.  If you didn’t know Finland has one of the lowest infant mortality rates and it is attributed to the baby boxes that they send to parents.  The way I was able to get two for free (that’s right two of them) was through Baby Box University. 

Right now it is only available in Ontario but they are working on releasing it in I believe Alberta for November.  Then they will release in each of the Provinces individually.  The great thing about the company is because it is promoting safe sleep I was able to get two boxes. One for Rory and one for Scarlett.  It might be hard to tell but in the bottom of these super cute boxes there is a thin mattress so that babies can sleep in them. Some of the other item inside are onesies, breast pads, diapers and wipes, baby shampoo, a handy reusable bag, membership to Baby box University, Parents Canada booklet, wooden teathers, some coupons for Hello Fresh , Pampers , and a schedule for nap time by age and a do not disturb type sign for when baby is sleeping you can put on the door.

I would like to state that I did not receive any re numeration or compensation for reviewing this product. In the future I do hope to have a bylaws page that will go over the details of this. Currently I am not / have not been sponsored by any of the companies tho provided samples for this box.