Something amazing is happening in Ontario!

I’m not sure if you know about it or not but in Finland there is this thing that happens when mothers have babies. The government will send out a box filled with information, diapers, clothes etc.  Well because I have duel citizenship with Finland I tried to get my hands on one of these boxes when I was having Mackenzie but alas because I don’t live in Finland I was not eligible.

A few months ago I happened across a group on Facebook that was going to be starting to follow in the footsteps of Finland and provide free baby boxes to Ontario residents having babies August 1st or later in 2016.  This company Baby Box Co is working with parents to try to reduce infant death by promoting safe sleep.  If you didn’t know Finland has one of the lowest infant mortality rates and it is attributed to the baby boxes that they send to parents.  The way I was able to get two for free (that’s right two of them) was through Baby Box University. 

Right now it is only available in Ontario but they are working on releasing it in I believe Alberta for November.  Then they will release in each of the Provinces individually.  The great thing about the company is because it is promoting safe sleep I was able to get two boxes. One for Rory and one for Scarlett.  It might be hard to tell but in the bottom of these super cute boxes there is a thin mattress so that babies can sleep in them. Some of the other item inside are onesies, breast pads, diapers and wipes, baby shampoo, a handy reusable bag, membership to Baby box University, Parents Canada booklet, wooden teathers, some coupons for Hello Fresh , Pampers , and a schedule for nap time by age and a do not disturb type sign for when baby is sleeping you can put on the door.

I would like to state that I did not receive any re numeration or compensation for reviewing this product. In the future I do hope to have a bylaws page that will go over the details of this. Currently I am not / have not been sponsored by any of the companies tho provided samples for this box.


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