36 Week BUMPdate

Well the time is getting closer, pretty soon I’ll have some twincesses to hold in my arms and I just can’t wait. I have been going for NST ( non stress tests) weekly but they have now been bumped up to pretty much every day this week.  I went in on Monday for my regular stress test and I was there for over two hours.  Rory has taken it upon herself to be a little rebel. Not only has she not flipped to the head down position but she spent the first 10 minuted avaiding the machines that I was hooked up to, and then refused to stay still long enough to get a good reading.  I went back today and they were both cooperative however Scarlett is transverse and Rory is still breech… there go my plans of having a somewhat natural birth.  There they go, right out the window and are running faster than I can catch them.

Anyways, because I will be delivering early I got my first steroid shot. I go back tomorrow and get a second one after 24 hours. The nurse today who gave my my second NST was amazing. She offered me a strip from the test for my baby book.  I wish I would have had this for Mackenzie, but it wasn’t something that even crossed my mind of something to ask for.


It may be a little hard to read because its sideways and everything. However the darker line is twin A ( Rory) and the lighter line is B ( Scarlett). I am so excited that I have this little keepsake. Again I am not going to answer all of the questions, I’ll go over them all next week in my post.  I will post the picture.


My maternity clothes are at the point that very few things even fit me. That could be because of their combined weight. My heartburn is outrageous and right now because of the steroid shots I am going to have to really monitor my sugars. One of the side effects of steroid shots to help with lung development is the inability to properly regulate insulin.  So everything I eat has to strictly follow the eating guide that is associated with gestational diabetes.  It is crazy to think that by this time next week I’ll be just hours away from meeting my girls!


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