The Twincesses Birth Story

It has been a little while, but I have a really good reason this time.  On September 28th 2016 my twins were born.  I never got around to posting my 37 week BUMPdate, because I went in to have them at 37 weeks and 3 days.  I’m getting ahead of myself though.


I knew I was going to have a scheduled C-Section so their birth date was already set. At 37 weeks I was beyond ready to meet them. I was pretty uncomfortable, had horrible heartburn and couldn’t sleep at night.   I went in for my regular Monday NST and when they placed the monitor on Rory ( Twin A) I noticed that it was pretty low compared to what it had been on the Friday before. I mentioned to my Doctor that I thought that she may have flipped into the head down position.  While she got the portable ultrasound machine, I tried not to get too excited. When she did the ultrasound she let me know that Scarlett ( Twin B) looked like they were presenting now and she was head down. She wanted me to go for  a more in depth ultrasound just to make sure. The nurses called to schedule it for the next day.

Tuesday: I went for the ultrasound at 4pm, and according to the ultrasound tech both of the girls were head down and Rory was the presenting twin.  I was so excited. I told the tech that I loved her… They were going to send the results to my Doctor and I was to go in for my scheduled C-Section but they were going to induce me. As long as the girls didn’t flip around again I would be able to have a natural birth.  I made sure I moved as little as possible for the rest of the night and I slept on the couch because I was so anxious, and excited that the next day I would have my girls here and I didn’t want them to move around too much.

Wednesday: We got up at about 6 am, excited that this was the day that we would go from just Aaron and I to a family of four.  I called in to labour and delivery just to give them the heads up that we would be coming in for 6:30am.  When we got there it was going to be a little while before the Doctor was in so they hooked me up to the NST so they could start getting a reading for each of the girls.  Aaron and I joked with the nurse ( she was great) and she let us know that she herself was a twin.  When my Doctor got there she let me know that Dr. Knowles would be delivering the girls, but she was going to be in the building and would hopefully be able to come see us once I had them.  Dr. Knowles made her way in, introduced herself and her resident introduced himself before they gave me one last chance to have the c-Section.

They both checked to make sure the girls were head down still, and then let me know they were going to break my water. At that point I was already 3-4 cm dilated, so even if my water wasn’t broken I would have been having them  within a few days.

The whole process was started at 8:30 am ( when they broke my water ) and everything moved along rather quickly. I let them know at noon that I needed the epidural … Hey I’m not trying to be a super hero, not only are twin births recommended to have one due to the possibility of having an emergency C-Section but I’m all about the epidural.  When the anesthesiologist finally got there I was more than ready to get the epidural, so she poked me in the back with her huge needle and inserted the line into my spine. I wasn’t allowed to eat from midnight the night before so within minutes my blood sugar dropped. I had to drink numerous glasses of apple juice that had extra packages of sugar in them.

Within about a half an hour I was letting them know that I was ready to start pushing. They had to get Aaron to wheel  in some of the equipment into the operating room where I had to deliver.  By the time I got into the operating room I was crowning while I was being moved on to the table.  After about 3 or 4 pushes at 2:14 pm my first baby was born. We assumed that because the ultrasound showed that Rory was presenting that she would be born first but Scarlett pushed past her and was born first. (The only reason we knew that the first one was Scarlett was because the monitor that I had on the left side of my stomach was the one that lost the heartbeat when she came out.  It wasn’t much longer before Rory was ready to make her appearance.  I pushed maybe once after telling the Doctor that I needed to. She had literally just finished telling the resident that he needed to keep his hands down in that area because sometimes babies just come out without warning. When I pushed once and out she came at 2:24 pm.


Lyndsay Aaron and Scarlett


Scarlett                                                                                Rory
First time holding both girls
First family photo
Rory 6 lbs 5 oz
Scarlett 6 lbs 7 oz

The actual process of giving birth to twins was nothing like I thought it was going to be. I figured it would be a big process ( think of all the pushing to have one times two) but it wasn’t bad at all.  My entire labour was 6 hours after they broke my water, and having the epidural for only a half hour makes me feel like I could do it again without a thought.

It did take a while for everything to get sorted out. Both girls had low blood sugar so they were monitored really closely.  There were a lot of tests that had to be done before we allowed anyone into the room to meet them.  There was a lot of paperwork to fill out as well.

If I told you I didn’t cry when they put the babies on my chest in the operating room I would be a liar. After Having a child who is stillborn one of the greatest things that you can hear is their cry. Just hearing that made me think about Mackenzie and how thankful I was to have his two sisters here and healthy.